One day, when me and my cousin were in our pool, i was really horny and thinking about how sexy my cousin looked. It took all my courage but i decided to ask him: “Can i see your penis?” And he said “sure” and lowered his shorts so i could see it. I was impressed, since it was the very first dick i had ever seen irl that wasn’t mine. I asked him, “want to see mine?” And he nodded. I whipped it out and we decided to compare. His was a little bigger than mine, but not by much, and i was 12 and he was 13. That was the first time that happened. After that day, every time we went to the pool we would play with our cocks. Sometimes we would jack each other off, and sometimes i would try to suck his dick. (It was pretty hard since, you know, we were under water.) One time, he tried to fuck me, but it hurt too much and i asked him to stop. So, instead, he grinded against my ass and came. But one day we just… stopped. We stopped talking about it, and we never did it again. Today we’re both 16, and every so often i think about it. I really wish i had the courage or opportunity to ask him to fuck me

1 year ago

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