I want to fuck mu sister’s friend. I’m 23 and he just turned 18. My sister is 16. He’s been one of my sister’s best friends since she was 10. The last time I saw him, he was 12. Tonight, my sister wanted a place to hang with her and her friends (our parents suck) and she asked me if they could chill at my place and I said ofc. So they were gonna watch movies while I smoked weed in my room and chilled. They come over yeah? All is good. And then the last kid gets here. Except he’s no kid anymore. He turned 18 last month and I hardly recognized the dorky little kid I knew so long ago. And fuck me he was so hot. 6’4 with ginger hair shaved on the sides and long and curly on top. Bright green eyes and freckles all over his chiseled, suntanned face. Tall sk8er boi. He was wearing joggers and an oversized Obie Trice shirt. Fuckin god he just looked so good. One of those cute but sexy at the same time guys. I opened the door to let him in and I literally gasped a little lmaooo. He gives me the like, slowest sexiest grin I have ever seen and he just pulls me into a hug and I’m like INSTANTLY turned on. He smelled good too. So they go off and chill in the living room and I’m making nachos for them in the kitchen while they argue over what they’re gonna watch yeah? Im abt to put the tray of nachos in the oven when this fuckn dood walks in. He like has to squeeze between my ass and through the very narrow entry and he puts his hands on my hips as he turns sideways so he can fit through the small area and he fackn pushes his hips just slightly into my back and I’m just breathless. I stepped away so he could grab a pop and go back. He just gives me that same damn slow grin and looks down like he’s all shy and shit. Ugh so I put these nacho fucks in the oven and set the timer and told my sister to take them out when the alarm went off, and she agreed. Hours go by, they leave to go cruising around town. I’m lying in bed smoking some herb buck ass naked with my tits flappin in the wind. This fucking kid comes back because he “forgot his phone” and he knocks on my door. We’re alone in the apartment. I put on my robe and go unlock the door and open it. He looks at me then at my very thin robe, and then the joint in between my fingers. He lifts his fingers in a mirroring motion, silently asking for a hit. I didn’t even think I just acted on pure internet instinct and instead of just giving him the joint, I brought the joint to his lips for him to take with his mouth. And he did. And he never broke eye contact as he took his first drag. Then he does that damn thing and looked down at his feet and did the stupid slow smile thing and he’s just showing off those sparkly whites. At this point my knees are weak and I have to physically refrain myself from grabbing those stupid curls and dragging him to the bed. We finish the joint together and my sister is blowing up his phone telling him to hurry. He says thanks, grabs his phone and leaves. They come back two hours later, and they decide to watch another movie. So as they’re watching the movie I’m lying in my room in bed with my robe on, fantasizing about squishing this dudes face between my thighs and sitting on his face until he makes me cum. I’m lying here thinking about how easy it would be to ride his cock, his hips are so slender and perfect to straddle. I’m lying in bed thinking all these nasty thoughts and getting myself real worked up. Then there’s a knock at the door. My sister is telling me they’re leaving. I come out to say goodbye and this guy is just insisting he would walk home instead of get a ride with everyone else. They thought nothing and left, leaving us alone again. He walks right up to me and asks if I have another joint. I say yeah. We go to my room and my heart is slamming. I sit on the edge of my bed and get started with rolling another joint. This guy is just standing right by me, but won’t sit. So I pat the bed beside me to let him know it’s okay, and he fuckkn GIGGLES and lays down beside me while I pack this cone. “You’re different.” He says to me. I looked at him confused and asked him what he meant. “I don’t remember you being so cute.” Instantly blushed like, omg. I told him to shut up while we laughed, and we smoked the joint together. I walk him to the door, and he gives me another hug. A long one. The kind where you feel like you’re melting into them. Two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly. He left. I went to bed and flicked the bean until I fucking SQUIRTED with the fantasies I came up with. It’s been a week since then, and I haven’t stopped thinking about fucking him. He’s so cute but it feels fucking wrong. I’m 23. I get he’s legal but like, he’s my sisters friend. I used to babysit them like...am I a pedo? Should I seek therapy? Lol bc next time I see him there isn’t a guarantee that I won’t ride his face. I can’t tell if I want him to fuck me or if I want to fuck him at this point lol help me

1 year ago

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