one of my friends had a crush on this guy, and she introduced me and my other friend to him. we both started talking everyday, innocently, and we just happened to click more than him and my friend. we both still continue to talk to this day and it still is nothing more than just a few jokes and rants. that's it. my other friend recently started attending a new school and she instantly had all the guys fall for her. she, however, were talking to two guys and had a crush on both. she, again, introduced us to them and they both added me on snapchat. i added them back, like i do with everyone, and they began to snap me. we would just send pictures of our face to each other and started streaks, normal stuff, doesn't matter. one night, i get a call from one of her crushes and i answer it. he says he's bored and that my friend went to sleep early. i was confused as to why he would decide to call me, but i was fine with it; i was bored, too. it was a silly, meaningless call. he was playing his video games while i talked to him, keeping him company. we started to talk about deep stuff, like the meaning of life and things like that. we also talked about my friend, whom he had a crush on back. i never told my friend we called, not in a guilty, ashamed way, but because i just genuinely didnt think it mattered that much so i never brought it up. im not sure why he never said anything, but that's his problem. the first friend i spoke about has my tiktok password and login information, so shes logged into my account and can view all the activity. she was for some reason going through my tiktok dms and found our other friend's crush and our messages, which were little to none. we would send each other stupid tiktoks and conspiracy theory videos. one of the videos he sent said something along the lines of "what is one thing that makes a guy instantly attractive", and i responded saying "whenever he shuts the hell up!" and he replied with, "that's not what you said to me when we called. you said my ramblings were fine." and which i replied once more, "whatever." she found that conversation and screenshotted it, and sent it to my friend. they both came to the group chat with that picture today and started asking what it was about. i explained it to them and just said we called once, it was meaningless, whatever. they're both extremely mad at me and are telling me to stop going for all of their crushes. ive never EVER made a move on any of their past and current crushes and would never do that. they're talking about me behind my back and come back to the group chat and begin to flame me. they both think im some sort of whore probably and ive apologized to them many times, but they wont accept it. the weird thing is that they both ship me with their old/current crushes all the time and think it's funny, so im not so sure why they're upset that i was even in contact with them. it would be different if i was hitting on them and flirting with them, but im not and would never even think about doing so. im not sure how to make this right and they wont talk to me. im stuck right now. without them, im worthless.

1 year ago

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