My girlfriend and I have been ben friends since elementary school and are now in Junior high. We have sleep overs all the time at each others house and have taken baths together and sleep in each others beds together when we stay over night. We know 2 lesbian girls from school that are always telling us how much they like being with each other and other girls which has made my friend and I curious about it. So last night when we were in the bath together at her house and she started talking about it and saying that she wondered what it was like. Then she asked me if it would be ok to finger me. I have been too shy to make the first move but got very aroused when she said that and quickly told her it would be ok. Before long we were both fingering each other and got so exciting and loud that we had to stop before one of her parents of brothers heard us. When we got to her bed, we locked the door, got naked and started to embrace and kiss each other passionately. It seemed so natural for us as we have deeply loved each other as friends from that early age and have been together what seems like forever. Once in bed we made love as passionately as we had kissed and experienced oral 69 sex with each other and wanted to scream as we climaxed but couldn't. It was the best ever! My parents are going to be gone for a week in January and we will have the house to ourselves for a week long sleep over and I can't wait. I hope there are other lesbians on this site that understand the kind of bond we have with each other, especially now!

2 years ago

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