My daughter recently turned 13 and I’ve noticed that she’s worn more revealing clothes than normal. Every time I point out how much skin she’s showing, the next day she wears something even more revealing. At first it started with shorter shorts and tighter jeans, but now she’s wearing booty shorts and crop tops. What confuses me the most is that she doesn’t dress this way in public, only around me. One day she was in the living room, laying on her stomach. She wore booty shorts that practically weren’t shorts anymore. They were riding up in her ass and even showed off her blue panties. I stared for a moment before looking away. She was so beautiful and sexy, but she was my daughter. I had a boner for my own daughter. I went into the kitchen and started making dinner. She got up and walked in. The front of her shorts were Just as bad, showing off her blue panties as well. I felt my grip tighten on the cup I was holding. I wanted to see more of her sexy body, so I spoke up. “Aren’t those a little too..” I trailed off. She scoffed. “Dad! Everyone is wearing these!” She whined before she took them off right in front of me. “Since they’re sooo bad, I just won’t wear them.” She said simply before she started to leave. Her panties were thin, so thin I could almost see through them. The Next Morning i sat in the living room watching the news. It didn’t take long for her to come downstairs and sit down next to me. I glanced over only to see her in just her bra and panties. My boner from last night came back and I looked away. I wanted her so badly, my cock could practically imagine how tight she was. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her and forced her to lay down. A smile grew on her lips. “Finally. I’ve wanted this for so long.” She said as I pulled down her panties. I didn’t respond as I forced myself cock in her. I was right, she was really tight. She moaned loudly and cried out in pain, the stretch being a lot for her body to handle. I didn’t wait for her to adjust. I just started to fuck her roughly, not giving a damn as tears fell down her cheeks. As soon as I came inside of her and pulled out, I noticed a bit of blood on my dick. I knew then that I popped her cherry.

1 year ago

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