i feel like i am at a breaking point right now. i didn’t know what i’d find when searching for this but this is exactly what i need. i feel as if the days are dragging and the nights are long. i’m losing my passion and i’m letting these people walk all over me. why am i always so sensitive? why can’t i just toughen up? as well as thinking that, i wish people would be more considerate. no one knows what anyone is going through. as cheesy as it sounds its true. stop being so demanding and start realising not everyone has it as easy as you. god my lecturers are so self centred they don’t understand how hard i’m working for this. despite everything in the past. and for some reason it still isn’t enough for them. my intrusive thoughts also kick in at this point. revenge is all i can think. i want to make these people feel the way i way. the way THEY made me feel. when the make a comment to me i can bet for a fact they are never going to remember it 5 minutes later. so tell me why im so worked up about this. do they get satisfaction in hurting me? embarrassing me? because thats exactly how it feels. im so alone. i need someone. i trust that the person i need will come into my life soon and guide me to where i need to go. i need a reason to stay because im scared to go but right now, it feels like the only option.

2 years ago

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