I never liked alcohol when I was younger. When I turned 21, I went to the bar as a formality. I did drink an occasional and weekend drink over the summers of my youth, but never to intoxication or anything remotely close to addiction or abuse. At over 40 years old, and amidst the COVID rampage over the world and true and utter confinement, I have found myself in a cesspool of alcohol indulgence. There was no rhyme or reason to picking up that first drink. I think it was a shot of Jack Daniels. What happened after that created such an emotional, physical and psychological delusion that I have now managed to become an alcoholic at 40+ years of age after zero history of alcohol or drug abuse whatsoever. SO MANY people are underestimating the magnitude that social isolation has created on the world in terms of our mental health. I won’t get political, although I want to, but suffice it to say that more mental health problems will surface as a result of this pandemic and many of those, who were otherwise non-users, have since turned to it. I have no explanation for this turn. And now I find myself in a very desperate position. I’m addicted to freaking alcohol after 40 years of nearly never touching it. In a “woke” world, we better actually fucking wake up. So much damage is being done that, in my opinion, surpasses, or equates to the damage done (physically) from COVID.

2 years ago

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