I am so tired of people thinking that I am just someone that doesn't have feelings. I am always chosen last during group activities. People talk shit about me when I can hear them. My friends make plans without me and I am all alone. I am a closeted kid that just learned if I ever come out that my dad will kick me out of the house after he started ranting about my cousin being lesbian. He says it is a sin. I am asexual and bisexual. Also schools aren't any better. Ever since I stopped being friends with this one guy, he has made it his whole goal to get everyone to hate me. He spread a rumor about me bullying him even though he is always calling me a "b*tch" or "d*ke" and people are starting to believe it. Most of the people I considered friends turned on me. Some teachers have even started hating me. I also have loved my best friend since 5th grade, but I don't know if even likes girls. I want to tell her, but I don't want to make awkward between us. She is one of the few friends that stuck with me after everything with that guy. If you know any way for me to tell her, could you please tell me?

2 years ago

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