It was my birthday today yesterday (the 4th of November). I went out for dinner with my family which was okay. i then went and hung out with the boy that I liked. He got me a gift which I really didn't expect. He got me a crystal bracelet along with a Red Jasper Perfume. He got it from this place that I had told him about. He told me that because he didn't know anything about crystals, he sat for half an hour asking the woman who worked there questions about the crystals and stuff. Which I think is very sweet. We did what we usually did whenever we hung out. It was getting to the time where we would walk home and it was 10 minutes before my birthday was about to end. As we were walking he said "I don't want to make things awkward but-" My heart literally dropped when he said that. I thought he was going to say something like "I know you like me but I don't feel the same." But nope. He actually told me that he like me. I literally buffered. He was walking away and I had to tell him to wait and that I liked him too. I'm still in shock. That actually happened?! Omg- So now we don't know what to do so yeah kxfzsn

2 years ago

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