I didn't get to see my brother for 7 years. I seen him for two days 2 years ago. Then he was put in prison for 14 months. And now that he got out, I've only seen him a few times. I introduced my friend to him and I feel replaced. We all hung out together and it felt like I was just there. The favouritism is clearly there. They've only known each other for less than a week and they're acting more like siblings. Like fuck sake. I didn't see my brother for 7 fucking years and now I don't get to feel like his fucking sister. I feel replaced and I hate it. I'm jealous of how they act. My own brother doesn't feel like my brother. It literally feels like I'm hanging out with my friend and their brother. I hate it. I really do. But I shouldn't. I should let them have this because their older brother is an asshole. I shouldn't feel jealous. It's okay. It's fine. I need to back off and let them have this time while they do. Catch up on all those years they didn't have an older brother to look up to. I'm being selfish. Fuck.

2 years ago

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