Is it normal for your own mother to threaten her life to get you to do something? Or to threaten yours when she’s holding a box cutter. Or to yell and scream at you when you do a tiny thing wrong, but let your brother get off Scott free when he goes and breaks the law. Is it normal to wonder every day if today is going to be your last at the hands of your own mother. Is it normal to think this at age 14 after already losing your mother and being in the foster system and now fearing your safety at the hands of your new one. Is it normal to wish you were dead. Is it normal to know that being out of home is really the only place you are safe. Is it normal to fear your parents, fear your grades because you know a bad one will just result in further struggles. Is it normal to know that you need to go back to school because of your home situation, but you can’t because you aren’t considered vulnerable enough. So mum, if you see this, you know who you are, just know that this is the pain, the suffering and the fear you have caused me, and if you don’t change, I may no longer stay living with you. I may run away. I may die. But really, anything is an improvement over the ‘care’ you say you’re giving me.

2 years ago

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