The love life a 14 year old girl Rant

So I have a guy I really like and I think he likes me back, well that's what people are telling me so i'm just gonna run with it. Anyways I like him and we hang out quite a bit, he's not hot he's cute, i swear when he smiles his eyes twinkle and no he's not a damn child. I literally want him all to my self. He came over to my house once to pick me up because we were gonna walk to meet up with our other friends together. (Our friend groups are combined) My mom felt bad for having him standout side for so long so she invited him inside. BRO EVEN MY MOM LIKES HIM. She was telling me the other day how nice of a boy he his. Idk what type of conversation they had but she loves him. My dad on the other hand well, he's never seen the guy so my dad don't really know what's going on. My little siblings seem to like him cause they keep wanting to go all over him. I wanna tell him how I feel but like ughhhhh I cant seem to get the words out.

1 year ago

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