Please read and respond if you have time, uh hi, i need help/advice, basically last night my mom got mad at me because of a misunderstanding but she was like really really mad, worse than normal, i ran to my room but didn't lock the door because that cause worse situations, i probably should have though, i was working on a father's day thing so i had an exacto knife in my room, i starting cutting myself on my arms and a bit on my legs really badly, my dad came in my room and started panicking, he didn't do anything bad, he stopped me but a was still breaking down crying, now it's the next day and my parents have been nice and my brother and sister found out too, my sister didn't get it but my older brother did and just told me to not to cut myself again normally and naturally dismissed it the main problem is, the cuts are really bad and all over my arm and it's hard to cover them up in the summer so does anyone know how to make scratches heal quicker and not scar as bad, i don't want my family to look at my arms in disgust of anything whenever looking at me

2 years ago

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