Currently a art student who does mma in spare time (odd combination ik lol). Found opponent in early April and basically went into full on training camp from then until the fight a couple weeks ago. Didn’t touch a drink or miss a training session once for social events in that time. Comes fight day and got completely out classed and tkod in 3rd round. Very very concussed. Catch COVID some time from the fight and the next day. Since I live with family, got locked in my room for the 10 day isolation whilst concussed and with COVID. End of 10 day isolation my family go away on holiday so am still alone. Man I just want a hug after all of this. I feel like I’ve lost any sense of purpose in my life as I have no college work or nothing to train for. Life could be worse but fuck I feel crushed right now. Needed to let this out somehow, thank you to anyone who sees this and I wish nothing but happiness comes your way. Love yall

1 year ago

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