I've had depression for some time after my father walked out, from this came alot of family trouble. My younger brother came into picture, and that really saved me from myself. But recently, its come back and stronger. I've been asking for a dog, or a cat (My life long wish) but I always get met with the same "fuck no". But they dumped my brothers unwanted fish on me, and the dog. They always give him what he wants, they bend and give and I end up taking care of said wants after he's done. But for me, they could really care less. They don't even give two fucks, and I'm honestly about to just give up. I saved up for clothes and a cat, they won't even try help me and I'm really starting to see how much fuckery is happening. Just need to vent, I found my perfect cat and can't even get him. His name was sterling. I hope the person who gets him, loves him.

1 year ago

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