Dear Sandip Rai, I have not known that you loved me so much. I cannot find words to say to describe you. I hardly know about you. I have tried to know you as a person but all that I could decipher is that you and I are both mentally instable otherwise how would I even understand every move you make. I am trying to love you as a neighbour. I hardly know about love but one thing I have known about myself after interacting with you is that i am not meant for hatred or jealousy. i am only meant for love. I have tried as much possible to make you understand that I have no interest still you kept on hurting my family or manipulating me. you never apologised for the things you have done. I have expected it. but now I know one thing about you that is you are as stubborn as I am. You would do anything to win. I declare you as a winner in this game. I donot understand you anymore. I literally thought that you were sensible enough to not let me go.I know my worth. thanks to you I have known it. I am trying to love you. my mom says that loving your enemies is the greatest weapon. please donot play these games with me as you are showing who you truly are, real love is quite simple. earlier I hate you for not being good enough for me as I donot associate with the ugly looking people. but now I love you as you have shown me that what I truly donot want in my husband. you could have held me when I was vulnerbale but you didnot. I truly like the mind that you were using to make me weak. but look at me , I have never known that I would become so strong at least I think I am. if you have tryly understood me then instead of giving us bananas you could have directly said how you felt. I truly have respected that. I value emotions.I know you have been hurt my many people and you want love to heal you. but the first form of love that heals us within starts with us. we need our own love to love others. I am learning that as well. I would never have felt it if all of you didnot hurt me like that. the only thing that kept me alive is to fight for myself even though when no was around. now I am not afraid to live alone. I really wish you could have worked a little more and saved this ending. I donot feel anything for you. it amazes that how hollow one person can be that he has to hurt the person whom someone claims to be in love with. Asmit never loved me as he proved it over and over again when he was hurting me and embarassing me in front of everyone. but i never really thought that you would do such thing.. this literally shocked me. I cannot thank Krishnaji enough that how he saved me from such disaster. truly was blind enough to not see the whole scenario.Opposite of love is not hate it's apathy. trust me we both loved each other in different ways though.I thank you for all the mess you created as it showed me that what I donot want in my future husband. I am a simple person. I want someone who would guide me in my life. I am sorry that you are not that person.I bless you with the love that you truly deserve but it's not with me. Today, I am not rejecting you as you are old or anything but for your behaviour. Love,frienship,family,blessings and respect cannot be bought with money only commodity can be bought. Trust me I am not a commodity. Although you claim to understand me .Alas! you havenot. Goodbye dear. I would rather pray to Krishnaji that He blesses you with some spiritual knowlege so that you start to understand. I thing that i would love to mention is that neither i am superior nor inferior than you.I am as normal and as equal as you are. I am sure that you or Asmit is not my soulmate that i am looking for.

1 year ago

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