Just wanted to say, i fuckung hate you for what you did. I always hated you any how, just dealt with you because i I had to. 9 out of 10 people u meet fucking hate you, they are just intimidated by you and thats the way you like it. I wish you woukd drop dead, the world would be a better place without you. Truly would be! Think about that! Everyone you encounter wishes they didnt. I wish i didnt, ibet the 11 past restraing order issuers and 3 current wish they never met you. You are a fucking nightmare Dude. And a Cunt a big fat smelly no good, coniving, manipulating taker. I wish nothing good for you or your lying white trash family. Nothing but a Felon with a Felon mentality. Justknow when you walk away from any and all conversations The other party shake their heads and say what a Fucking idiot! I cant wait for u to drop dead. I truly am going to step overother peoples human waste and piss all over your grave. You dirty, fat, red faced , yellow teethed, seething, no good, lying, cheating, beating , stealing, coniving, manipulating, lazy, wish u were me, Cuntbag taker! Thanks again for showing what a true Miserable Loser you are.

2 years ago

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