I introduced my best friend of 10 years to my other friend about 2 months ago. They travel here on Saturdays where we all hang out. My best friend talks to my other friend more than they talk to me. I'll admit I'm jealous, there's no hiding that. What annoys me though is the fact that I walk for an hour just to have them ignore me the whole day. Yet they had the audacity to text me and say "I don't spend money on you every weekend (to get the bus) just for you to walk off with someone the whole time." The context is that one day I was hanging out with them and someone who I didn't see for a while bumped into me and asked to speak to me alone. That's the reason I "walked off". But them on the other hand, they "spend their money on me" just to ignore me the whole day. It's not a "one time" situation either. It's every fucking week. They don't come to see me anymore. I know that. They come here to see the person I introduced them to. They act like they've known them longer than I have. And I have a right to be upset about it. I'm being pushed away by both of them. I don't like conflict unless I really have to so I'm probably never going to confront them about this. I've stopped showing up every week, mainly because I don't wanna be there. Or if I do show up, I leave really early. I mean the last time I was there, they started to hang out with two people who I really don't like. One of them threatened to kill me while I have this toxic relationship with them. They would constantly gaslight me and manipulate me. I felt valid yet invalid at the same time when I was with them. Both of my friends knew about this yet they ignored me when I said I was uncomfortable. When it was finally quiet I said "I'm leaving" and I went home, I know everyone heard me because no one was talking in that moment so there's no excuses.. It was about 3 hours later when they finally decided to call me and ask where I was. It's so fucking pathetic.

2 years ago

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