im mentally drained. i can’t do it anymore. he left me and now i have no meaning to life. he was the reason i was here. i love him more than i love myself. he was my everything. he said we’d get married. he said i was his forever. now he’s gone. off with some other girl. while i’m left here in tears. waiting for him to come back. only him. i’ve tried talking to other people. none of them are him. i miss him sm. to much. i can’t do life anymore. not without him. he was my home. i felt safe with him and only him. i want my home back. i’m so homesick. he understands me. me and my messed up family. they’re all druggies. his mom was one too. i could only rant to him about them going physco. only him. but he’s gone. and there’s nothing i can do. no one else likes me. he was my only hope. but he gone once again. i love you tannor. forever and always. <3

2 years ago

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