Having fucking no body to talk to but your family fucking hurts so bad it makes you feel so small and shit makes you think about yourself so bad having no one to just chat to or go out with i feel like I’m wasting my “teenage years” whatever that fucking means I’m 17 but feel so fucking lost i argued with my friend group around 2 years ago they completely bullied me and destroyed my self confidence I was left with no one I left school early with depression and anxiety that ruined me those friends who I thought that would never hurt me completely fucked me over and made me feel so worthless and shit to the point I could of killed myself,everyday until today I think it’s getting better but it’s just getting worse,my mother I’ve told her multiple times can I go to counciling or whatever but she just listens with out any sympathy at all I’ll be crying my eyes out I know she’s cares but it’s not enough I just want to feel something again it’s so numb and EMPTY ITS SHIT

1 year ago

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