my mom has abused me my whole fucking life emotionally and physically. she is a manipulator. that's all she ever does. she hit me and throw shit at me for no for reason just for breathing. she found out that I self harmed. she said I had no reason to be depressed I have everything I could ever wanted. then she called me a spoiled brat. she found out I was gay. she said she hated me and posted abt me on Facebook. If she sees me eating anything she calls me fat. she's the reason for my eating disorder. hell she's the reason for any fucked up shit in my life. I hate her sm! I'm only fucking 13. I'm already going through enough shit and people just keep adding on. my insomnia and anxiety won't let me sleep BC I always think someone is watching me. I'm a horrible s/o. I'm a horrible person everyone fucking hates. I wanna kill myself but I'm too much of pussy to do it. I just can't fucking do this anymore

2 years ago

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