I am away from my SO for a few weeks…I love him very much and would never cheat on him. HOWEVER. The reason I am on here is that. There is a man here. And he is a SNACK. He is married and I am in a committed relationship and neither of us are interested in fucking up our lives. And I don’t even know if he’s attracted to me and it doesn’t matter anyway because nobody is doing anything. But DAMN IS HE A SEXY MOTHERFUCKER. I am on here to release some unwanted energy. MY GOD he’s so ducking hot. HHHNNGGG He is long. And slender. And SO TALL. And has this delicious little neatly groomed beard. GODDAMNIT. His voice is low and smoky and SO FUCKING SEXY. UGH. Why are men so beautiful. I just want to know what he smells like. Which is so weird. I know. But I’m just saying. HHHNNGG I think I’ve caught him checking me out and it turns me the FUCK ON. Like listen I’m never going to cheat on my SO, and neither is he. But there is something about this mutual attraction that will go forever unfulfilled that is so hot. That unresolvable sexual tension might be hotter than actually giving into it…because there is this fantasy that will always exist in my head…reality will never match up to it and that’s fine. God he’s so hot. God DAMN. I hope he’s fucking me in his dreams

2 years ago

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