SENSITIVE TOPIC ALERT, DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU’RE FRAGILE OR NOT OPEN TO OTHER’S FEELINGS. Aside from that…. I’m genuinely afraid of the lgbt community… ..Now before you take that the wrong way; listen. Ok so I’m not homophobic in anyway possible, if you’re gay that be gay! You do you, don’t let other people stop you for simply being attracted to your same gender. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, you do you. I’m not against any of the reasonable realistic sexualities either. Like asexuality or Homosexuality, bisexuality, I sorta don’t understand pansexuality but I hold nothing against it. Now, why am I afraid you may ask? BECAUSE I AM A STRAIGHT MALE, and it’s going to be impossible to find a girlfriend or get laid. Why? Because they’ll all be gay. And if their not gay, their asexual, bisexual will do, nothing wrong with that. (As stated earlier before, I hold nothing against these sexualities, you do what makes you happy, there’s nothing wrong with that.) And I’m not like “nnooooo you can’t be gaaayyyyy” I’m just scared that all women will be either gay or Asexual. Before you say: “straight women exist dumbass” yes! They do! Buuuuuuuuuuut. They’re all going to be: Gold diggers, lazy people who don’t want to contribute or just flat out rude. (I like it when my gf would play queen and dominate me, but she wouldn’t constantly treat me like shit, before she cheated that is) So how the hell am I supposed to find a genuine girl? By the time I’m 30 idk what I’m going to do. I’m scared man, I may be alone forever.

2 years ago

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