Recently no for the past few years it’s been hard for me. My parents don’t love me my mom likes to remind me how much she hates me. They only like my siblings and honestly I’m okay with that at least I thought I was. It hurts not being loved by your parents it hurts a lot. I spend most of my days in my room I don’t like to go out with them or talk to them. My dad is scary I don’t like him at all I only talk to him when I need something, I feel guilty about it but it’s not my fault he hates me and always goes «  what? » when I talk to him and when I ask him to hang out he says no. My mom is no different she hates me and is always getting mad at me for no reason once I asked her to get me some chips ( since she was going to the grocery store ) and she stomped on me yes with her feet me on the ground crying while she stomped and hit me. And once she seemed in a bad mood so I asked if she was ok. ( she was in the kitchen at the time ) so she threw an avocado at me wich is funny when I look at it now but she didn’t have to throw at me I was only asking if she was okay. Anyways besides my parents This year was a struggle for me. See Im not pretty like I’m far from beautiful. And everyone likes to remind me of this fact Everyone is always calling me ugly. And I don’t think people understand how much it hurts a nine year old girl ( this started when I was 9 I’m 11 now ) to be called ugly and it still does. I tried talking to my mom about it since I didn’t have many friends to talk to I mean I had a few but I never really talked to them about how I really felt. My mom just agreed she always calls me ugly at home she tells me I shouldn’t care but that’s no much help. I did everything to be Beutiful I did my hair I fixed my skin care ( it never helped I still have rlly bad acne ) At home my parents are always telling me I should commit suicide I should kill myself. And lately that’s all I wanna do I just want die no I just want my parents to care to care about me because they don’t. I thought of talking to the school council but I think she’s just tell my parents wich would just make things worse. I just want to talk to someone I’m tired of breaking down in my room everyday sometimes I even tear up in from of my parents not like they care. I just want them to care. I want to talk to someone I don’t want to feel this way anymore I want to be happy. But I can’t and no one understands.

2 years ago

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