i hate this weather so much. i live in Australia and it's winter here and where I live, it gets really cold and droopy. It's 100% affecting my mood and my everyday life. I never get like this any other time of the year. It always starts when the weather starts to get more wet and cold and cloudy and grey. I can't do it anymore. lI have no motivation at all and I just want to block and isolate from everyone in my life. I have this bunny that I got in March and I love her to pieces and she's the happiest little thing. Every morning I would clean her play area and let her roam the house during the day time. I would do absolutely anything for her. But now because of the weather, it seems like so much. I still do it but it's just so so hard. But I'll never leave her, I love her more than anything. But the weather is literally tearing me apart. I have no passion, no motivation, no social energy, nothing. I relapsed as well. does anyone else experience this too?

2 years ago

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