i need to get something off my chest, i was at a sesh/sleepover at the age of 11 (ik its bad to smoke weed at eleven ) and i got really upset and tried to overdose without anyone knowing i asked my friend where the tylenol was and made the excuse that i had a headache but i took at least 15 extra strengh tylenol and then someone offered to go to a convenience store just down the road (keep in mind it was 12-1 am ) and i went with two of my friends (there were 5 of us in total ) and on the way back i passed out for about a minute and hit a rock or glass i got up after and walked back to my friends laughing that it was hilarious and showed them my leg soaked in blood and they just stared at me i told them i was fine ad i could head back (i was also high and didnt know what was going on ) and we walked back in me bursting out in laughter showing everyone my leg not telling them i passed out bc of the tylenol and only telling them i tripped and then the girl whose house we were at called her mom down and we called an ambulance at this point i was in shock and couldent feel anything the ambulance arrived and they gave me stiches but to this day i cant swallow pills or even look at them because it just reminds me off that night

2 years ago

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