I don’t know how to start it or put it into words. I’m worried and incredibly sad at the same time. Okay, so me and my ex started to talk a lot. We’ve gotten really close. About 2 weeks ago on Halloween she confessed she had feelings for me. I confessed to her as well but told her I wasn’t ready for a relationship. On Halloween she would cross her legs on my lap, hold my hand and hug me etc. Then a week after that (5 days to be exact) we saw each other again. Me her and afew friends went to the mall. Me and her sat next to each other while watching a movie and cuddled. She crossed her legs on my lap, we held hands etc. same stuff. Now after that we went to a friends house and we all watched a movie in bed. The blanket covered all of us except our upper bodies. So she started to stroke and rub my crotch. So I started to stoke and rub her thigh. After that we made out. Also, within the 5 days between Halloween and the Friday after. She sent me vids of her rubbing her legs, tits and thighs. She’s mentioned to me that I’m the only person she feels comfortable around, she’s the same thing for me. On Halloween she vented to me about a lot of her problems. But as of recently, things have been quiet. She texted me this morning saying she’s sorry she hasn’t been texting, because she needs time for her mental health. Wich I totally understand. She tells me she loves me. I’m just afraid that if we don’t spend enough time together in person we’re going to stray away, and start all over.

1 year ago

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