if i'm going to be honest, i miss him. i miss the good morning and good night texts, i miss listening to music with him, i showed him so many songs that are my favorite and that mean a lot to me. i miss the way he would always joke around with me, i just really miss talking to him. at first, he was being so friendly with me and sometimes was flirting with me, always making me smile. but after awhile he didn't reply to me even though i saw him online. after 1 week he replied back but it wasn't like him. his reply was very dry: "k" was his reply to me telling him to take care, be safe and to feel better because he told me he was sick. i asked him if he's feeling any better because it's been awhile since we've talked but he ended up ghosting me. it's been almost 2 months now and i still see him online. i've read through our old messages and i don't know what i did wrong, i don't know why he left me all of a sudden without saying anything to me. i hope he's doing well though, i really do. and i hope whoever is texting him or is going to end up in a relationship with him please know that music means a lot to him and that listening to music with him makes him happy. so please, whoever has him next, listen to music with him and stay there for awhile. please make him smile, ask him if he's feeling any better, too. i know that he was really sick so please make sure he's feeling better. please make him happy, he's a great person and deserves nothing but happiness. please take care of him.

1 year ago

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