Hello...sorry I’ll be talking about me possibly being asexual so I’ll talk about sexual topics / Over the years my sexy drive has been getting less and less. I’m 20 right now but I don’t always remember struggling with sexual feelings. I’ve always had online relationships but when I got a gf that wasn’t online . It was odd cause kissing and sex was just nothing too me..after we broke up I’ve tried again with others but it jsut feels like nothing no matter the gender of person. I remember I use too like sexual stuff ! Now i feel empty. Maybe I’m asexual.. idk anymore maybe it’s my depression and it’s finally getting the best of me idk. It can be anything . Anyways I realize sex isn’t really everything I just enjoy doing whatver now and focusing on other stuff. I hope I’m not entirely alone but eh it. Is was it is. I feel like a freak..

2 years ago

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