Hi, my birthday is in 3 days and im in high school. Sadly because of the pandemic ill still be in school later than usual, and will have to be at school on my bday but thats not what this post is about. I just wanted to rant because I feel like none of my friends/family/anyone cares about me as much as I care about them. I always make an effort to make sure my friends are okay and will go through a lot to make them happy. The reason I came here was because ill be celebrating my birthday party alone. Most of my family lives 10+ hours away, my friends are busy and my best friend can't come because fathers day will be the next day. We were gonna sleepover and watch a movie but she can't. I just was upset that she didn't ask to make plans any other time for my bday, she just said "too bad" pretty much. These past few bdays have been pretty bad, the last one I had was at a family member's funeral, and i just wanted this one to be different. I made a lot of new friends this year so I had hoped it would be better but its not. Im probably being dramatic about this but im just really sad about it, I just want to feel loved the way I love my friends and family. Okay thank you for reading, byeee.

2 years ago

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