My brother died 22 years ago today. I’m 34 now and I see a domino effect of bad choices made in life from that point. I blame myself fully, but I look back and see all the issues I had from that day. I have yet to address or fix them cause I feel like it’s too late. My head is full of ideas and dreams, but my lack of ambition at a young age has put me in a disadvantage. I lack skills and have a wife and two kids to take care of. I do what I can with a mowing business but I don’t spend enough time with my kids and lack the skills and time to get a better job to help my family achieve a better life. We basically live from paycheck to paycheck. With my hours and trying to be a good husband and father, I find that there is no time to have friends. When I’m not home I find myself very lonely and unfulfilled. I like people, but I’m surrounded by none. I will be easily forgotten about which I know is inevitable for everyone. I just want someone to talk to. There is so much to say about my life and would take hours to tell, but it was nice to get this off my chest.

2 years ago

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