The room was dark, the only light was the one from the street. I'm sleeping. You approach me easily, after a stressful day at work and after your every night shower. You see me sleeping on my stomach with my legs spread, in my favorite T-shirt, that you love like crazy too. You know... That wide one with that cute owl, which ends right above my Star Wars hypster boxers, the black ones with white writing and you feel how it hardens slowly. You take off your towel. You come easily with your hands on my body. I startle and say hello: - Hey, you're here! How was work, baby? - Fucked up... But I'd rather not talk about it now... I turn over and kiss you. - What are you up to? - Well, isn't it obvious what I want now? And you lie on top of me, clenching my wrists and stretching my hands slightly as you spread my legs slightly aggressively and start rubbing my pussy with your hard limb. - Fuck, this will be awesome, I tell you and you confirm it with a nod and you rush to my neck. You kiss me and go down to my breasts, release my wrists and go with your hands directly to my hips. You take my boxers off in a hurry, easily releasing the nipple that you started to enjoy with such pleasure. You push me up slightly and when you see "her" you exclaim: - I missed you so much! I tell you: - And she you, but let's leave the talk and how about greeting her with a few kisses? I didn't even finish the sentence because you started to easily separate my big lips from my small ones, slowly descending towards my clitoris. The moment you find it, I startle slightly and make a circular arc around your tongue, squeezing my legs around your head at the same time. You bring your hands lightly from my hips to my ankles and then to my knees and with a sudden movement, you spread my legs, stick your tongue in my vagina and start to penetrate it easily. I start breathing regularly as I struggle with your hands holding my thighs determined not to give up. After about twelve penetrations, you come out of me and go up to my clitoris around which you start to do some "o"s then you start the alphabet. I can tell by the movements. A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h ... You can't put an end to the i when I tell you with a quick breath. - Come on, please, put it in, pleeeaaase... You look up to me and say firmly: - Right away! I didn't finish the alphabet. I tell you: - Believe me, there's no point in finishing it. I'm more than ready. - All right, I felt it but you know how much I like it, you say, and you get up taking your penis in your right hand and starting to gently massage my clitoris with the head of your organ. - Do you like it? You ask me, while I beg for you to enter me, moaning from pleasure. I tell you: - Shut up and fuck me already! - Oops, you say, are we becoming slightly aggressive? While you start to hit my clit with your organ. - Please, fuck me already! - I'll think about it! But after the fifth hit with a distance of two seconds between them, you say: - Fine! You asked for it! I rush to you saying: - Come on, we both know that you and "him" want her, and I look at your organ that was just getting ready to touch my clitoris with a slight force for the sixth time. I'm sitting on my elbows. You lean over me, insert your head at the entrance of my vagina, which contracts instantly upon receiving our favorite friend. You take my head in your hands, you start kissing me slightly aggravated and with a sudden movement I feel how you entered me. - Aaaah, yeeeaaaah, just like that, as I lift my pelvis in tandem with your way of penetrating while our kiss was becoming more and more aggressive. With that, you start with a penetration per second, and you easily get to two in a second and a half. You detach yourself from me and take your left hand, squeeze my cheek and put your thumb in my mouth while squeezing my jaw. When I feel it, I start to wrap my tongue around it, looking into your eyes at the same time and trying to say: - I can't wait to do this to your cock. - Me too, and you wink at me, already at 3 penetrations per second. - How you like it? You ask me, staring into my eyes and reading the pleasure I feel. I tell you: - Please, take it slow because I want you to delay my orgasm a little. You look at me in amazement and ask me: - Why? I still resist and start accelerating the pace of your penetrations. - Cum for me! You tell me and I ask you: - Do we have a towel? - We do! And you lie down slightly to the left and take the towel from the radiator, the one I wiped myself with after taking a shower before falling asleep waiting for you. You suddenly ease the penetrations, lift my hips slightly and I feel your organ penetrate me deeply and instantly I have a spasm, you look at me and you say: - You don't have much left. - Huh? I'm asking you. Do you want me to prove you wrong? And I show you a sarcastic smile that lights you up and you tell me: - Can we bet on that? - Hmmm, on what? (to be continued)

2 years ago

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