Sometimes i wish i had some kind of super power that would tell me what is good for me and what is not.. sometimes i wish i had some superpower which would let me peep into the future and see where i stand. I am condemned to live in dogma everyday each second i am condemned to live by what other people tell me it seems i don't have control over my life. Why should anybody tell me what to do why should anyone judge me based on their experiences and why should i follow their orders as if i am not a human being but some kind of slave who have to follow orders.. If only i were more intelligent, if only i were more good looking if i only i had something more would it be that then and only then should i be entitled "fitting". why can't people accept me for what i am why can't they be more supportive why is it that they don't see any fault of their own but only mine?? GOD thank you for giving me this life all i have in this world is you and no one else.. for my love towards others have only led them to be skeptical about me more and more.

1 year ago

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