So basically theres something wrong with me. My mom kept telling my doctors it looked like i wasnt breathing at night. She had to keep pushing until they final scheduled me a sleep test where the monitored me while i slept. They just told me it had something to do w my tonsils and i might need to have them removed. Covid hit and it took so long to get back in w them. Wjen i went back for hella appointments they would tell me i needed to lose more weight lose more weight lose more weight. The last time i went, again, told me to lose a little more weight and scheduled me for an ekg. A week b4 it, all of a sudden they canceled all my appointments and never rescheduled. My mom kept reaching out but eventually i gained back all the weight. And my doctor had told me that if i lost enough weight, i might not even need the surgery. Safe to say i left every single one of those appointments in tears.

2 years ago

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