I don't even know what to do anymore I feel as if my world is getting smaller and smaller as the days end. Every day I feel like everyone is against me for not doing anything. I feel like I can't do anything right. I feel like I have no energy in the day. I feel as if I don't matter to anyone. I feel like no one understands the way I feel. I have no one to talk to because I feel like I'm gonna get judged. I feel so many things every single day but guess what no one cares. No some checks up on me. No one bothers to even say hi at least to me. The school year is almost done yet I have no one. I always remember the past and can't move on from it. I made so many mistakes not even a sorry can fix it. I can't trust anyone anymore. Ever since growing up, I've been experiencing things I never knew about when I was younger. I guess life isn't what it seems in the beginning because you never know what's gonna happen the next day. The days feel like they're getting shorter. I can never feel free in life because there's always something that is stopping me from becoming free. People never understand me. They never try to put themselves in my shoes. I know I've hurt people but there wasn't a time where they've hurt me as well and those times they've hurt me I understood and moved on in life and that time where I hurt someone they just leave me hanging as if we never knew each other. No matter how many times I've said sorry to people I hurt they never try to put any effort into fixing things. It's just like missing the trash and just leaving that single piece of trash hanging beside the trash can. Why am I always the one being left. Why am I not being understood. Why is growing up so hard? Why am I the outsider? And once stuff is getting a bit ok, of course, there's something just waiting at that moment to bring you down again.

2 years ago

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