i am slowly perishing, my mind wanders over every aspect of my life... the good, bad, and the deep dark part. if i even try to balance myself i feel.... empty, emotionless, i feel like everything and anything is a waste of time. i still eat but i eat barely enough, i drink more water then anything and when there is stuff like gum i skip eating and just consume water at a fast and unhealthy rate and chew on gum to satisfy my "needs" my hair is starting to fall out once again, not chunks but few strands at a time. my hair has become brittle and dry, i get random bruises all over my body from literally nothing. i don't go outside, i simply sit in my dark cold room [in the basement] and sulk because.... i have nothing else to do. i just want it to end so i don't have to be through such pain but if i end it..... so will he.

2 years ago

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