The worst thing in life is being a guy with a small dick. As a kid I knew mine was ridiculously small. The older I got and heard my friends say there dicks started growing i would just pretend mine was to. Truth is I'm 30 years old . It's less then an inch big flaccid. Probably way less then an inch thick. Hard at my best almost 3 inches only about an inch thick. I've had girls brake up with me over it Girls laugh at it, or get completely ghosted after they see it. I've never been to be able to make a girl "cum" , heck I barley see any expression on there face. I'm currently married . My wife was a virgin so I'm her first. And she hates sex with me. We have sex maybe once every two months . And believe me I try my best to get it. Sometimes I beg for it and she complains and says its more of just a chore but tells me she loves me and wouldn't cheat. I'm ashamed of myself . I wish I wasn't born like this. Why wasn't I born normal . I've checked and yes I'm a little ahead of the "micro" scaling . I wish I could meet a real genie and wish it different. I wish I was different. I wish I could give a girl pleasure. I wish to be normal. I hate myself

2 years ago

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