maybe I harassed a kid

there's a kid lives in my neighbourhood,,He s almost 5 years younger than me,same as my little sister,xSo when i was in 2nd /3rd grade(i dont really remember),, one day I saw him,,n I found him really cute,,so i went to kiss his cheeks,just like i do with my sister,,but then something happened n I bit him,,He started crying,And I don't really know wht to do,,I feel guilty till this day,Im 19 now n hes 14,,he gives me weird stares,,like at my body,I cought him twice staring at my boobs,,I just don't know whts wrong,n Im still scared if he remembers that incident,, tho he was really young back then,,but I do remember my childhood properly so there's a slim chance he cud too,,he was like 4/5 years old back then,, I just don't know how to get rid of this guilt, I wish I cud remove this memory from his head

1 year ago

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