I hate stereotypes so much. Straight guys can be fem, and not all gay men are hook-up culture crazy. Fucks sake. Masculine people can wear make-up and you can be feminine without wearing makeup. It just pisses me off. It especially annoys me when people WITHIN the Lgbtq community stereotype each other saying shit like "You're not good at being gay" or "YOu're not doing it right". Like STFU bitch I'm doing my own shit and I don't need you to rain on my fucking parade, mkay? I'm a masculine pansexual guy and I paint my nails (all sorts of colors, not just jet black), and I wear colorful, chunky flower jewelry and am a bad ass bitch 24/7. I don't need anyone to tell me I'm not doing it right, or I don't look gay enough. If anyone is stereotyping you, slap that bitch. Call em out, tell em off, all that shitttt. You can be whoever you wanna fuckin be, and anyone who doesn't want you to do your own thing and be your own person, can suck on a sandpaper dick and choke on a fuckin cactus cause that's B u l l s h i t. :)) Have a lovely day, and be you, bitch ((:

2 years ago

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