The mental abuse I have endured in my household is crazy. I turned 18 in July and a few months before, I finally realized that it was mental abuse that I have went through most of my life. I think that watching so many movies and reading books made me look at it differently, and kind of distorted my view of what mental abuse was. I now realize that it can be as simple as always negatively commenting on your childs' hair. I have so many stories that I just would not be able to type them all. I can remember my parents commenting on my body and weight as early as 5th grade. They would make comments about what I should and shouldn't be wearing. When I was 12 I was around 95 pounds and my mom would tell me "If you keep eating like that you are going to be as big as a house" and my dad telling me I would be as big as a bull. WHO in their right mind says that to a child?! I would get upset over it and cry(reminder I was in middle school) my mom would roll her eyes and tell me that it's not anything to cry over and that it was true. They always act like I'm not a human being with feelings and just because I am their child they can say whatever they want to me and I should just except it because they are the adult. Even now they get onto me for not being able to stick up for myself, and that I am an adult so I can stick up for myself, but whenever it comes to them I have to just shut up and except it. The amount of times I have tried to defend myself because my mom was lying on me, and my dad would just tell me to shut up.. I can't even count how many times it has happened.I have never met a grown ass person who is just not willing to admit when they are wrong. Honestly, typing that made me feel silly, because I know that it isn't that big of a deal, but their constant remarks about my weight when I was younger, and other stuff has just made me feel so alone sometimes. I don't talk to them about anything, so I just keep everything about my life secret. I have no one I can talk to about this stuff and feel like I've gone crazy from keeping it all in. It's just that it is so much more and goes so much deeper than what I typed above. I only put this out here because no one will know who I am, and I just had to get some of it out of my system. I am so grateful for anyone who takes the time to read this. I also have so much more to get out of my system. -crAze

1 year ago

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