Different types of Write Anonymously contributors

The Troll (also The Cyberbully): Unfortunately one of the most common types on this site, trolls enjoy nothing more than making other contributors feel like shit. Perhaps it is their own personal insecurity that leads them to such a dark path. Perhaps they have nothing better to do. No matter what their motive, they never fail to make someone’s ruined day worse. The Slut: This contributor likes to go into excessive detail about their sexual encounters or fantasies. Often they do this in a thread which has nothing to do with sex (e.g. Question of the Day). Sometimes these posts are accompanied by dick pics or requests for others to share dick pics. The Kiddy Diddler: As soon as one reveals that they are under 18 on this site, a Kiddy Diddler is the first on the scene to ask for nudes. The Repeat Offender: You know them. You probably hate them. Either way, the Repeat Offender keeps coming back to post the same random crap. Some also fall under the Troll category, but not all of them. The Person with the Actual Problem: They appear to have gone extinct.

1 year ago

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