I'm in college and i don't have any friends here and my roommate (“ best friend” since 4th grade) constantly leaves throughout the entire day to hang out with people and i've asked for her to invite me or if i could tag alone but she never does and brushes me off so i stopped asking. i did not see her for over twelve hours today and she comes in when i'm trying to sleep and isn't quiet at all. today we made plans to doordash food and watch a movie but she didn't come back to the room until nearly midnight and didn't even mention how she ditched plans. she always "forgets" when we make plans to do something. she only talks about her issues and problems and never asks me how i am or how i'm doing. i am so sick of it and i don't know how much longer i can put up with it before i explode. im not a bad roommate, i keep my side clean where as her stuff takes over the entire room, i’m not loud, and i have one thing in the fridge as to compare to her left overs that have been sitting in there for months. i do what i’m supposed to (like taking out the trash) and she’s left her dirty dishes pile up for so long and keeps saying she will wash them but i doubt it because she’s never in our room.

2 years ago

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