I'm an adult that live with my mom. She's my only living relative . She divorced my father and told him to leave our house. She later remarried a mean drunk. He had 3 children younger than me, by 10 years or more. I was told they would not come to live in her house. She didn't want to live with anymore kids. His oldest,a boy was having authority issues with his own mother and was intimidating her as he got older , funny thing is his dad was a jockey and the kid looked around 12 when he was 16. Skinny scrawny kid. Something about his personality is off. You know, like somethings wrong. He also is very hard of hearing and kept getting more so through his teen years. Needless to say he ended up moving in to our house after I moved out. At one point my mom asked me if she really needed me to, could I come live with her and help pay her mortgage, she was thinking of getting a divorce because her husband's drinking was so bad and he was not working much. I guess things got better for a bit. Then he got sick and finally died. Many years later , his son never moved out. My life had many changes and as I get older, seeming like it was a good idea to spend more time with my aging mother. Help her out at the house,she's also loosing her eyesight. So we made plans and when I arrived, I had no idea the kid never moved out. He is as much of drunk as is father. He works ,all he does is come home from work every night and drink until he's smashed then he goes to bed. On the weekends, he gets up, gets drunk ,takes a nap ,then he gets up and does it all over again all weekend. I don't pay rent, now ,I'm the chauffer and housekeeper and cook. When I first arrived, he still living in the guest room and my room was taken over by a bunch of stuff that's not mine. I offered to clean it out for her and she would never let me. So I stayed in the living room and dining area off the kitchen. Last Christmas our water heater broke and flooded our entire downstairs. After a month in a residence inn and new flooring. At least I have my room back now. My stepfather always said he didn't want to ever be on the deed to my mother's house ,why he always brought that up,probably just drunk ,he was real mouthy and talkative all the time. You see my parents had some arrangement that I found out later was whomever that I CHOSE. to live with would keep the house so I could continue school and when it came time for me to go to college ,the house could help finance my education. I remember when I was about 12 or 13 my mom asking me who I wanted to live with. So they bought this house with my dad's GI bill. He died of cancer about 10 years after they divorced. She supposedly retained the ownership of the house when she married my stepfather. Well I saw some papers she left out by mistake. She refinanced the house and the paper was something like, a non relative (family member) transfer upon her death and was signed and made out with my stepbrother and her. I am an only child. Some guy came to our house one night and they had a meeting in the other room . I was busy and trying not to be nosy or anything. So I'm really upset about this as I always believed there was something solid in my life that my family home would also be my family home one day. Am I wrong to be hurt and angry over this? I have no one to talk to. Very depressed over it. Please tell me .What do you think ? maybe it's not clear just ask me

2 years ago

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