Any reasons for me too stay?

I am very much contemplating ending my life. I have been unhappy for far too long now. Can somebody give me a good reason to stay? Because I can't think of any anymore. I've tried living, but it's so hard. I have no friends. During my first year of highschool, my best friend since we were young more

26 days ago

Someone will always need to USE you, while resenting it if they feel you need them. This is life. Cope, or don't.

13 days ago

You need you. Your loved ones (you have some) need you. I am sorrry for what you have gone through but trust me something good will happen. You can't leave, please don't leave

24 days ago

If you're looking for validation and reasons to "stay" from other people, you're lost. Find reasons to love yourself enough to "stay." If you're incapable of that, you'll always be unhappy and unsatisfied with life.

25 days ago

I get that you are going through some hard times but ending your life isn't worth it in time things will get better then always will and there is always someone out there to help you and relates to you for now I suggest trying somethings you've always injoyed and maybe making online friends try getting apps like tiktok discord and others and then I'm sure there many people on there that can relate to you and help you and be willing to be your friend and in time you will meet someone just like and that you can be friends with

26 days ago