I'm pretty sure I'm gender fluid but I don't wanna say that due to the fact I've came out so many times before. First I came out as bisexual, then a lesbian, then non-binary, then I went back to being cis and lesbian, then I came out as trans, then went back to cis and being confused about sexuality, then pansexual and non-binary with a female lean, then it was pan with being confused about gender and now I'm pan and gender fluid. I don't know if that's because I've given up on trying to find my gender or if it's because I'm genuinely gender fluid. I mean I think I am due to the fact I'm comfortable with being addressed as a male, female or an enby. I have days I feel very feminine and days I feel masculine and then days where I don't really mind. I don't know. Part of me says that I'm doing this because I'm surrounded by people who are in the community but that wouldn't make sense because I met them after I came out? Or that I'm doing it to be different even though I'm literally in love with someone who isn't a cis-het male? I don't know. It's so very confusing :/

2 years ago

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