please just love me. you keep saying you love me but i know its not ture. the way you act around me is the same asy you act around your friends and everyone else you talk to. i love you so much but it hurts knowing that youve lied to me. i just want you to say you love me and actually mean it. i want to buy you everything you ever want in the world, i want to see you happy, i want to hold you, kiss you, and hug you. but we cant. you live so far away but it doesnt make it hurt any less. i want you to be here with me. please, tell me you love me. you dont say 'i love you' to me as much anymore. the only times you say it now is when you know im going to leave, but whenever i say that i love you, you change the subject or call me some dumb name. please, i just want to hear you say it. say it and mean it from the bottom of your heart. you loved me first, you were the one talking to your friends about me, so why did you stop now ? what did i do to make you loser interest in me so fast? im so boring. maybe its because im not interesting enough. or maybe its because of the way i look. i remember that when we were still friends that youd always tell me how attractive i looked. i guess you went off of looks instead of personlity because now i dont hear you complimenting me about that anymore. i dont hear you complimenting me at all. this is all my fault. im sorry that im noot good enough for you. but if you just told me what i did wring, id fix it. i just want you to love me. please love me. im sorry

1 year ago

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