It’s been a week since it happened, but I’m still shaken. So a week ago we saw a clip of one of my ex friends blowing his head off. So It’s a long story. So We have a group of friends, and two people named Jack and Stacy got together. They were together for 2 years before she cheated on him. And We realized how much we treated him like shit. Things between all of us weren’t the same, We never saw or heard from Jack. He never wanted anything to do with us. We completely left him behind because of something that wasn’t his fault. He didn’t deserve any of what he went through. So we heard that he went missing, as in nobody at all every seen or heard from him In the past week. So Me, Stacy and a friend Bryan went to his apartment. The entire place was a mess. We found a VHS tape titled “The Best Of Me” Pretty old-school. So we took it to a friend David’s house because he has a VHS player. What we saw shook everyone. The Video started with a black background with white text saying “You must be very determined to find out what this is, just as much as I was to hide it” Then we cut to him in the back seat of his car. He goes on to talk about how things we never even known. Like how he was abused as a child and raped. And how his entire life has been an entire joke. So he’s like “you know what, I’m fucking done” Then he says these heartbreaking last words. “It was never going to get any better” He pulls out the revolver, checks if it’s loaded, pulls the back, puts it up to his mouth and.. pulls the trigger. It’s the most gruesome thing any of us had ever seen, I remember how everyone screamed in terror. Blood splashed from his mouth and one of his eyes got extremely red. What was really unnerving is that he didn’t make a single noise during it. The thing that shook me the most is afew seconds after he did it, one of his eyes looked directly at the camera before he collapsed. Bryan literally Vomited on the floor after seeing that, Stacy was in the corner bawling. I don’t know what I could hear david in the back with a shaken voice saying “oh my god, Jesus Christ” I was just sitting there speechless. I didn’t know whether to cry or scream or what. It’s been a week and I still hear that gunshot in my head. We don’t know what happened with Jack afterwards or what was done with body, nor how that video was recorded.

1 year ago

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