Life itself is a really difficult thing . One day you wake up with a man who you think would be the most important thing in your life . Next thing you are running away to build something new. Life turns you in a different direction and there is no way back . Life keeps going and actually everything keeps going including time and there is no way back. But if it was, would I change anything or go back if I had a chance? But the answer is really easy. It would be a no. But once again I’m here all alone with no one in a room beside my dog . Every day is a fight for a new story to become a life . Fighting that’s what we do the best in our life . Sometimes for me fighting itself is just waking up in the morning and getting in my car is a big challenge and then putting on a smile and pretending that everything is great is a big challenge. Sometimes I ask myself, does all this challenge mean anything ? And once again we have a simple answer: life and in order to live there is no easy path.

2 years ago

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