I honestly feel really stupid typing everything here so I’m just going to go with it. So I usually hung out w my friends a lot last year. But I decided to stay more focused on school, as a result I didn’t hang out from November-May. Anyways I hang out w my friiend for the first time and none of my friends looked thrilled to see me. I’m rlly upset, a lot changed. I’m feeling more sad. My cousin recently died and he was only 15 which is just fucking heartbreaking. And I feel sooo left out of everything. I really want people to text me a lot and be in group chats. I want guys to like me, this guy called me a squirrel bc my cheeks looked a lil puffy on camera but irl I have nice cheekbones. And I try so hard to make guys like me (not trying to be a pick me girl) but they always seem to have a girlfriend or they are always talking to someone. I’m younger so people think I’m annoying, but I’m such a fun person to be around with I swear to god. I have a really good bond with my parents and I ALWAYS make jokes with them and rlly funny ones too. And when I try to share my humor with my “friends” they don’t laugh and I feel like such an idiot bc they just don’t get my humor. I just want to be somewhat popular and for people to invite me to things. I guess I learned that staying off the grid for too long makes people forget you.

2 years ago

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