This makes me so fucking annoyed. So we can't be absent because it shows on our report card, even if we were 'excused' we still don't get perfect attendance and therefore no reward. Idc about the rewards but what makes me annoyed is that we can't even be one fucking minute late without getting a phone call home or some sort of punishment. But teachers can be as late as they want heck they can even miss a whole week of school with nothing. We have to say why we were late or why we were absent but teachers don't?? I know not all teachers are horrible but this is so unfair. Because we are the kids we get less rights? Teachers get paid to be there. I know they also used to be in our place once but still. They CHOSE to continue being there. AND GET PAID. WHile we are technically forced. Well if we don't go there is some sort of punishment. Just one week of not going to school can even get the whole damn police involved. I know because i've been there. That's why we feel forced, even though we still have the option to not go that we can't choose unless we want consequences. And a lot of adults and teachers say we should be grateful to be in school and be able to learn in the first place. I know. I know so many people don;t even get an option. I am grateful for being able to read, write, and know things that may come to use one day. And some teachers use homework as punishment for the stupidest things. Like?? Fuck school. The only reason I came here to rant is because my mom just got a fucking note from school getting me in trouble for not only being 30 MINUTES late to class but also not EXPLAINING WHY? We're doing online school btw so they're idiots to expect me to willingly be listening to a boring as lesson that i'm not interested in. It's hard to concentrate when something is boring. I can't. And I have so many more things to say like you don't even know dude. School can literally kill. From people stressing over it and developing depression to people killing themselves. And schools don't seem like they care. I was searching up why it was important to go to school and just got the most basic reason yet. To be successful. LIKE BRUH. I know we need things like reading and writing and learning how to do basic math. Then what the fuck is all that other shit we learn about? Like we're just going to forget. You know why we're going to forget? BECAUSE WE"LL NEVER NEED OR USE IT IN OUR LIFE. Unless we want to be a damn scientist, then we don't need to learn every little thing about math. And also, you probably still wouldn't have a chance to be a scientist. How are you gonna have the positive mindset and determination to become anything you want when you're staying up late at night working on a useless project for school, which can cause anxiety and depression due to staying up to late or overworking yourself. Anxiety and depression will fuck up your mindset. Schools just dont gaf i guess. And apparently we need atleast 8 hours of sleep but we have to get up at 7 for class. and yea they always say it's your fault for going to sleep late. I don't think schools understand how hard it is to actually go to sleep early. Like even without electronics your brain can still be extremely active so you may not even feel tired. There is actually an article about it. Also we shouldn't be overworking ourselves with assignments. We all need a break. I know some people will disagree. I have other things to cover but people will just call me stupid and delusional. Even though im anonymous I still feel uncomfortable. I just feel like we're programmed to believe without school we'd be failures in life no matter what. I mean yea teach us the basics to actually get through life and survive, but all that other 100% going to forget. What do y'all think? Oh and also bullying...can cause people to commit. Good night.

2 years ago

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